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GRADLYN GmbH, has been shipping pets safely for more than 46 years to and from all parts of the globe. Familiarly known as GRADLYN G.K. Air, it is in the forefront of animal transportation industry when it comes to relocating beloved pets.

For GRADLYN, animal transport is primarily a matter of trust. An international network for species-correct animal transportation is essential for the G.K. team. That is why that GRADLYN GmbH has been a member of the internationally acclaimed Animal Transport Association (ATA) for more than 30 years. GRADLYN is the only animal transport firm that is a member of WAZA - the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums, the most important association of its kind in the world.

GRADLYN earliest experience dealt with the US military community in Germany and throughout the world. But GRADLYN rapidly expanded as it began to work with zoos, breeding programs, special collections and assistance animals. And the list and variety of animal travelers grew and grew. Soon it included the shipment of all manner of animals, not just cats and dogs and rabbits and hamsters, but all sorts of mammals as well. And, then came birds and reptiles and even fish - from tiny aquarium guppies to giant breeding sturgeon Long-term trust, high quality relations and cooperation extending over the years with zoos and animal parks in Europe and abroad corroborate GRADLYN’s success.

The scope of GRADLYN’s clientele - both animal passengers and their human caregivers - encompasses a broad spectrum. It extends from military and diplomatic personnel transferring from one duty station or posting to the next, as well as international managers and executives at all levels in countless industries; people just like you whose professional corporate lives send them to new destinations every three, four or five years.

“These managers, executives, and operational staff members are the backbone of GRADLYN customer base these days,” says Kay Wissenbach, managing director of GRADLYN.

“They expect and demand the highest standards of organization, attention to detail and punctuality when it comes to air-freighting their beloved pets to new locations. Just like everyone else, they want their pet to arrive at the new destination safe, sound, relaxed and ready to return to the heart of the family.

“And to make sure it all goes according to plan, GRADLYN. has over the course of more than four decades taken the lead in providing animal safety en route. We developed special trucks with air suspension shock absorbers and precision climate controls to assure creature comfort. Excessive heat or chill not only makes animals uncomfortable, but can have dire health effects - especially with delicate creatures.

“Sturdy, made-to-measure cages in conformity with IATA’s rigid specifications protect animals en route so that they do not injure themselves. Plentiful air holes, meticulously constructed, fine quality materials are used for cages. Each cage assures that correct height, width and length enable our animal travelers sufficient room to stand, turn around and get lots of fresh air. This is vital in preventing unnecessary anxiety and stress. Another cage feature is provision of sturdy, tightly affixed water bowls to prevent spillage. Well-made, mesh and solid metal screening, and secure locks prevent pets or untamed animals from getting loose injuring themselves or others.

“GRADLYN is headquartered at the periphery of Frankfurt Airport. Aside from being the continent’s largest hub and Lufthansa’s operational headquarters, G.K. Air is embedded in Frankfurt, Germany, located directly in the heart of Western Europe”, Mr Wissenbach continues.

“The most modern Animal Air Lounge anywhere is right here at our door step. The Lounge receives departing pets about to board their flights, and welcomes animals in transit awaiting their next travel leg or flight segment. Here they are given every opportunity to relax, be watered, exercised and comforted. It goes a long way towards making the often difficult relocation process easier when you know that your pet is getting the best possible care.”

Among the critical activity involved in processing animals for travel is the preliminary activity. Here GRADLYN excels. All the paperwork is meticulously arranged well in advance of travel. Inoculations are recorded and checked. All of the details for exporting livestock must be complied with and the varying, myriad regulations applying for even pet travelers are attended to in finest detail. Everything is done to assure fast and timely pet transportation assuring that all animals arrive at destination in finest condition, ready to rejoin their families in new surroundings.

To learn more about GRADLYN GmbH, and its highly trained team of animal relocation specialists and worldwide partnerships with reliable, experienced pet shipment firms, visit GRADLYN at:

GRADLYN GmbH - The Animal Travel Agency

Cargo City North - Bldg. 458
60549 Frankfurt - Airport

Tel: +49 - (0)69 - 69 71 254 -52
Fax: +49 - (0)69 - 69 71 254 -25


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