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Navy MWR

Navy Morale, Welfare and Recreation Division (MWR)

The Navy Morale, Welfare and Recreation Division (MWR) administers a varied program of recreation, social and community support activities on U.S. Navy facilities worldwide. Its programs provide active-duty, reserve and retired Navy personnel and their families with sports and physical fitness activities, child development and youth programs, and a variety of food and beverage services.

MWR operates bowling alleys, travel offices, auto skills centers and marinas. Its activities include a very extensive entertainment program, an outdoor recreation program, bingo and amusement machines. And there is an extensive liberty program for single sailors.

The entertainment program partners wherever possible with the USO and the Armed Forces Entertainment programs, and is much loved by the bands, comedians, magicians, stage and television celebrities and sports figures who tour with the program. Where else can they land on a carrier deck in the middle of the Arabian Gulf and play a show to five thousand screaming sailors in a hanger bay?

Information, Tours and Travel

Regardless of the location of your duty station, Information, Tours and Travel can take you not only to the local sites, but also to the far and exotic corners of the globe. China, Russia, Budapest and Prague are all now at your fingertips. Among its programs are daily tours, extended tours, individual packages, airline tickets, train tickets and hotel reservations.

Liberty Programs

The Liberty Programs at the Navy bases offer a wide variety of recreational activities for young adults. They can include horseback riding, paintball, movie nights, deep sea fishing, scuba diving, sporting events, camping, kayaking, holiday parties, scavenger hunts, pool parties, darts, pool, ping pong, skiing and barbecues.

Navy Child and Youth Programs (CYP)

The Navy Child and Youth Programs (CYP) provide developmental child care and youth recreational programs and services for eligible children and youth aged 4 weeks to 18 years. Programs and services are specifically designed and operated to meet the unique needs of the military mission and service members and their families. Child Development Centers (CDC) provide full and part day child care for ages 6 weeks to 5 years. Child Development Homes (CDH) provide full and part day, night and weekend child care for ages 4 weeks to 12 years. School-Age Care (SAC) provides before and after school and day camps for ages 6 to 12. Youth and Teen Programs provide sports programs, leisure classes, youth internet labs, and teen programs for ages 6 to 18.

Outdoor Recreation

The aim of MWR Outdoor Recreation is getting Navy personnel to enjoy just what it's about. It rents boats, rafts, campers, backpacks, tents, fishing gear, skis, coolers, generators and all sorts of sports equipment. It also sells and repairs these things, hosts competitions, provides skill instruction, sponsors trips and sets up special events.


MWR marinas offer kayak, canoe, sail and power boat rentals. Such activities promote fleet readiness, develop professionalism, develop a competitive spirit, and impart a love of the sea and skills that may be used in recreational opportunities throughout life. There are Navy marinas at Guam, Sasebo, Yokosuka and Kadena.

Golf Courses

MWR operates a number of golf courses with tournament programs for men, women, seniors, juniors and mixed play. They also offer well stocked golf shops, lesson programs, active league programs, quality food and beverages and above all a professionally trained staff. There are Navy golf courses at Naples, Rota and Atsugi.

Auto Skills Centers

The Auto Skills Centers offer assistance in performing automotive maintenance and repair. Equipment, tools and trained mechanics make everything, from charging a battery to major overhauls, possible at great cost savings.


Bingo is one of the most popular forms of low-cost entertainment in the world. It is is being played in many Fleet and Family Recreation (F&FR) activities both ashore and afloat and generally is very popular with sailors, their families and retirees. It's also a major contributor to the F&FR fund. Bowling centers offer multiple-lane facilities, pro shops, snack bars and game rooms. Amusement machines come in several forms, including music, pinball and electronic games. The last named get frequent updates to cope with flood of newer and ever more innovative games that flood the market.

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