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Sasebo Navy Base

Sasebo Navy Base Telephone Directory

Sasebo has been a Naval Port since the beginning of this century, first with the Japanese Imperial Navy and, since 1946, the American Navy. Today, its harbor and shore facilities on Japan's southernmost island of Kyushu, are shared by the U. S. Seventh Fleet and the Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force.

Sasebo Naval Base received a cash prize for being named the U.S. Navy's runner-up for the Commander in Chief's Award for Installation Excellence 2008. The award recognizes one installation from each military service for excellence in the use of resources and innovative management.

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Base support facilities include a gymnasium and fitness center, a swimming pool, softball fields, picnic areas, outdoor gear issue and camping equipment, a sailing center, a movie theater and a base library.

Education Facilities

Adult continuing education is coordinated through the Navy College Office. Personnel can sign up for courses to attend Central Texas College, University of Maryland and the University of Phoenix. Courses are also available on some ships.

DoDDS Schools

The Sasebo Elementary School (K-6) and the E.J. King School (7-12) are located on the main base. The J.N. Darby School at the Hario housing area caters to grades K-6. Middle school and high school students at Hario are provided bus service to/from E.J. King School at main base.

Medical Facilities

The main base and Hario Housing each have health and dental clinics for outpatient care only. Patients requiring hospitalization or specialized care are referred to Japanese hospitals or MEDEVAC'ed to a larger military facility for care. Specialists periodically visit Sasebo for local patient consultation.

Youth Activities

Teens and pre-teens have a variety of boys and girls clubs that afford them after school and weekend recreational opportunities.

Fleet & Family Support Center

Fleet and Family Support Center is located in building 310, just inside the main gate of Fleet Activities Sasebo. Customer service hours are 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m, weekdays.

Religious Activities

There are Catholic and Protestant religious services and activities at the Community Education Center on the main base and at the chapel at Hario Village.


The Harbor View Club, the Chief Petty Officer's Club and the Galaxies Nightclub provide typical club activities for off-duty personnel.


Both the Navy Federal Credit Union and The Community Bank have branches at Sasebo and offer stateside-like banking for Navy personnel. There are ATM machines in different locations on the base.


Sasebo is an accompanied tour area, with concurrent travel of dependents authorized. There is currently a 12-14 month waiting period for base housing at the Hario Housing complex, and a 24-30 month waiting period for housing on the main base. Hario Village, located 10 miles from the main base, is a scenic and peaceful community. Shuttle buses run between it and the main base in the early morning and late afternoon.


Amenities at the Navy Lodge Sasebo include a multilingual staff, fully equipped kitchenette, microwave, TV/VCP, air conditioning, laundry facilities, playground and complimentary coffee.


There are Navy Exchanges and commissaries at both the main base and Hario Housing area. The exchange at the main base is newly renovated.


Sasebo Morale, Welfare and Recreation Department manages youth programs and services, both on main base and at the Hario Village housing area.

Child Care

There are two child-care facilities at Sasebo, at the Main Base and Hairo housing area. Programs offered are full day, part day preschool, part day school age, hourly care and special needs care.


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