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Naval Base Guam

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Guam, 3,300 miles west of Hawaii, is the most populated island in the geographical area known as Micronesia. U.S. Naval Forces Marianas there oversees the U.S. Navy's largest and most strategic island base in the Western Pacific. A multi-billion dollar effort, now underway, is expected to make Guam even more of a forward deployed spearhead of American power in the Pacific.

The command's mission is to provide waterfront, ordnance and other logistic support to fleet units and operational forces of the 5th and 7th Fleets as well as on-island commands. Several ships and submarines are homeported there and several forward deployed ships visit the port. Guam is also home to Andersen Air Force Base, and between the two services there are presently some 5,800 active duty members and 5,800 family members on the island. . Under present plans some 40,000 more servicemembers, family members and civilian workers will move to Guam.

The present population includes 8,000 marines and an Army air defense unit. In addition, the Navy wants to make Guam better equipped to handle long stopovers by aircraft carriers. To this end the Kilo Wharf, is being greatly expanded, housing is being replaced and the island is getting a $45 million fitness center and $63.4 million worth of bachelor quarters.

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Recreation. The base offers beautiful beaches, modern gym facilities, a marina, a large screen movie theater, bowling alleys, Olympic size swimming pool, tennis courts, hiking trails, auto hobby shop, a library and the Admiral Nimitz Golf Course (just off base). The local economy caters to its number one industry of tourism and you'll find just about any leisure activity available to suit your tastes from deep-sea fishing to skydiving. Snorkeling and scuba diving are particularly popular on Guam.

Education Facilities

Central Texas College offers associate degrees, University of Maryland bachelor's degrees and the University of Oklahoma and the University of Phoenix master's degree programs.

DoDDS Schools

Students attend school in one of four schools: Andersen Elementary (K-5); Andersen Middle School (6-8) at Andersen AFB; McCool Elementary/Middle School (K-8) at Apra Heights; and Guam High School (9-12) at Nimitz Hill. There is a total student enrollment of 2500. There is also a wide variety of high-quality private schools on the island.

Medical Facilities

The U.S. Naval Hospital and Branch Dental Clinic offer outstanding medical and dental care for military members and their families. Family members may also receive health care at the COMNAVMARIANAS clinics.

Youth Activities

The Youth & Teen Center offers fitness programs, arts and crafts, karaoke, bingo, birthday parties and lots more.

Fleet & Family Support Center

The base has a Boys & Girls Club, a Child Development Center, Child Development Homes, and an Under 5 Playgroup.

Religious Activities

The chapel complex consists of a main sanctuary used for Protestant and Catholic services, and a "Blessed Sacrament Chapel", used for a daily Catholic masses. The main sanctuary also has a Jewish temple attached to it. In addition the complex contains smaller spaces used for Sunday school classes and conferences.


The Top O' the Mar Restaurant and Sunset Lounge on Nimitz Hill offers great meals, live music, drinks and a gorgeous sunset. There is also a Single Sailor Sanctuary, a "home away from home" for single sailors and "geographical bachelors" only, with pool tables, game stations, foosball tables, a computer cafe and a movie theater.


The Guam branch of the Navy Federal Credit Union, which has an ATM and three remote ATMs, provides all usual services plus notary service and mortgage counseling.


There is ample Navy Family Housing on the island plus a generous Overseas Housing Allowance for those who choose to live off base.


The Navy Gateway Inns and Suites has transient quarters available and is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


The Nexmart carries a selection of electronic items, clothing, housewares,sporting goods, gifts, books, periodicals and personal care items, plus concessionaires. The commissary has produce, dairy products, meats, frozen foods and canned goods.


The Morale, Welfare and Recreation Department has many opportunities for leisure and fitness activities, including, racquetball, tennis, softball, soccer, outdoor recreation programs and equipment rentals.



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